Father Son Northern Pike CatchAlthough we haven’t made Catch and Release compulsory, it is the common practice of most of our customers when fishing at Sandy Beach Lodge. With a regular license you are able to take home 4 Walleye, 4 Northern’s and 2 Lake Trout. With a conservation license you are able to take home 2 Walleye, 2 Northern’s and 1 Lake Trout. All trophy fish must be released. You can keep one Walleye between 18.5 and 25 1/2 inches and all Northern pike over 27.5 inches must be released. This is very important to ensure great fishing for our grandchildren.

Fishing RatesTrout Lake is twenty five miles in length with over one hundred islands. The inlets and narrows among the islands provide excellent fishing and protection in rough weather. Nearby are Otter, Mud and Little Trout lakes, also with excellent fishing and easily reached by boat down the Trout River. In all, there are over 100,000 acres of wilderness waters at your door step, with no portaging necessary.

Sandy Beach Lodge is a true Fisherman’s Lodge! We are certain you will talk about your experience for years!

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